Be prepared to face consequences for actions

They claimed my businesses had affected them but a check revealed that they did not even stay in the area.

Recently, 1 read that that residents in Bukit Koman, Raub, who had complained about the operations of a gold mine in Raub had been unable to back their claims of falling sick.

The Raub Anti Cyanide in Gold Mining Committee chairman Sherly Hue was quoted in a newspaper as admitting that despite claiming that cyanide was the cause of their woes, they had no concrete proof.

She reportedly admitted that the residents had no medical reports to back claims of skin rashes, eye irritations and persistent coughs.

In short, the claims of cyanide affecting the residents had no medical or scientific basis but based on fears drummed up by the committee and politicians. IT has become somewhat fashionable for Malaysians to form non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that serve as a channel to voice certain issues.

I am told that this is part of a citizen's participation in a democracy.

In the name of civil society, however, individuals are also claiming to speak on behalf of a group of people but in actual fact they are only a handful.

Many of these NGOs are not even registered and have no proper accounts and elections but are demanding accountability.

In reality, they are a one-man or two-man show but they make loud claims and often the media is used to champion their personal interests and ambitions.

Not too long ago, a group claiming to be an NGO met me on a purported environmental issue affecting residents in my area.

In fact. Hue was quoted as saying that "we cannot say it is proven" but said they merely suspected.

Some newspapers and online websites had reported these claims blindly without verifying whether these claims are authentic.

This is similar to the Lynas case where proopposition portal Free Malaysia Today had to finally apologise to Lynas Corporation Ltd admitting that its claims that the Lynas plant was unsafe had no scientific basis.

I hope fhose who have been wronged in the Bukit Koman issue will sue the NGO and politicians soon.

The lesson here is those who criticise unfairly must be prepared to face the consequences of their irresponsible action. CONCERNED DEVELOPER Petaling Jaya.

Resource: The Star, Page: 55
Date: Friday, 3 August 2012

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