Lynas phase one LAMP complete

KUALA LUMPUR: Lynas Corporation Limited has completed construction of Phase One of the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Pahang.

Lynas Executive Chairman Nicholas Curtis said that like everyone at Lynas, he was eagerly anticipating the commencement of operations at LAMP and being able to supply its customers with products later this year.

"I would like to acknowledge the dedication of our staff and contractors, the patience and understanding of our investors and customers, and the diligence of the Malaysian regulators and international experts," he said in a statement yesterday.

Lynas, he said, had total commitment to strong safety, health, environmental and community values and was absolutely determined to achieve its Zero Harm goal.

"Our commitment to safety extends from the design and construction of LAMP through to commissioning, operations and continuous improvement," Curtis said.

Lynas said it recognised that there had been a very open and vigorous debate within parts of the Malaysian community about the project. Despite the scientific data and intensive scrutiny from international experts demonstrating that the project was safe, certain sections of the community remained anxious about it, the company said.

It pointed out that the principal cause of the community's anxiety had to do with storage and management of residue resulting from the refining process.

"To address this community concern, Lynas undertakes to ensure that all the material that is causing the major concern to the Malaysian public is removed through conversion into co-products, and exported in a form acceptable for international markets and in accordance with all Malaysian regulations and international conventions," the company said. 

Resource: New Sarawak Tribune, Page: 3
Date: Wednesday, 29 August 2012

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