Students hone communication skills

OLYMPIA College's Penang Student Council Committee was recently invited to participate in a youth parliament programme organised by the Malaysian Social Intellect and Capacity Building Association (Pemkis).

They joined some 150 youths who attended the inaugural "Mobile Youth Parliament" sitting held at Universiti Sains Malaysia.

A total of four motions were debated at the event, covering the issues of "employers wanting employees who have work experience compared to higher qualifications", "automatic registration as a voter for youths at the age of 21", "the Federal Government should not be blamed for moral decay among youths", and "Lynas project brings more harm than good". The session was good exposure for the students, serving to empower them and help them hone their skills in public speaking and debate.
The students were each given a certificate of participation at the end of the session.

Such events are part of the training at Olympia College that believes in being goal-oriented, and instilling a positive and innovative mindset among its students. The college also believes in the practical application of knowledge, and helps improve students in their communication and presentation skills, whatever their field of studies.

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The college offers programmes in the areas of commerce, business studies, business management, IT & computing, hotel management, secretarial studies, and accounting and finance. There are also English language and MBA courses.

With a student population that includes people from South America, Africa, Nepal, the Philippines, India, China, Thailand, Maldives, and Russia, among others, the college boasts affiliations and partnerships with such reputable international institutions asEdexcel International, Schiller International University, American Management Association (AMA, USA), Business & Hotel Management School (BHMS) Switzerland, and the University of Information Technology and Management (UTTM) Poland.

Another strength of the college is its flexibility: everyone, from SPM school leavers to working adults, are allowed entry at various points. Programmes are conducted on both full- and part-time bases.

The college offers scholarships to outstanding students and study loans can also be arranged.

Resource: The Sun, Page: 24
Date: Tuesday, 12 June 2012

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