PSC to table findings in Parliament next month

KUALA LUMPUR: The Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant project has concluded its public hearings and will table its findings in Parliament next month.

Committee chairman Datuk Sen Mohamed Khaled Nordin said they expected to table the report in Parliament on June 14 and hoped to have it debated by members on June 19.

He noted that the PSC on Lynas differed from that set up for electoral reforms where views were gathered nationwide.
"Unlike the PSC on electoral reform where hearings were held nationwide, the initial public hearing session on Lynas was held in Kuantan as the issue concerned residents in Pahang," he said after chairing the third and final session of the PSC at Parliament House yesterday.

The PSC held sessions in Kuantan, Pahang on May 10 and 11.

Yesterday’s hearing, he said, centred on views and scientific facts presented by experts in several fields with regard to the use of thorium, radiation, waste management and cause of cancer due to radiation exposure.

Earlier, nine people comprising nuclear experts, an environment radiologist, an oncologist, property consultants and doctors presented their views to the committee.

Nuclear physicist Dr Abdul Rahman Omar noted that exposure to low level of radiation from rare earth production is non-fatal and will only have an impact if it directly enters the body.

His colleague Prof Dr Ahmad Termizi said that there had been a lot of hype on the dangers of thorium and radiation.

"If there is a misconception of facts, it is our duty to clarify it scientifically," he said, adding that fear over Lynas was due to misguided information.

Date: Tuesday, 22 May 2012
Resource: The Star, Page: 19

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